My Sunday Best.

Linking up with Rosie again! My Sunday Best!…on a Monday.

Well, I’m feeling like a broken clothing record….again. Today marks the 3rd Sunday in a row that I have worn this outfit. Let’s celebrate this accomplishment with a picture of me standing by my very striped fireplace.


This picture makes me look like a crazy, awkward, and poorly proportioned robot. But no one cares. And if they do, I’m sure this picture will only make them feel better about themselves and their life accomplishments. So win win!!

It should be noted that I *do* own other shoes, but I wear these ones every Sunday because they are the perfect height. I’ve only rolled my ankle in them twice.


(This picture is dedicated to my friend, Ashley, who dislikes pictures of feet. Thanks for being a great friend, Ashley. Cheers to you!)

I tried to capture a picture of my children in their Sunday best, but only 2 of the kids came when I called them. Maybe I got some of the kids names wrong? I knew I should have trained them to respond to a dog whistle.


Their eyes were watering from the brightness of the sun, but since they were the only children who loved me enough to pose for a picture I’ll let their poor modeling slide, and leave everything in the will to them. (That will show those other kids!….whatever their names are.)

In other non-clothing related news, I took 2 bites of my cereal the other day before realizing I had grabbed a *fork* instead of a spoon. It was a very weird sensory experience, “Why is there no milk on my spoon? Why is my spoon so sharp?”. I am also alarmed at how slowly my brain processed what was going on…


Gianna walked by when I snapped this picture and said “You’re taking that picture for your blog aren’t you. Do you really want people to know you tried to eat your cereal with a fork?”

Well, things haven’t been too exciting around here lately so I am going to leave off (abruptly) on that note, and go clean my kitchen. I probably should have cleaned the kitchen and *then* wrote a blog post, but I like to live on the edge….the edge of “hoping no one stops by to find me sitting on the couch with my computer when there is 2 meals worth of dirty dishes in the kitchen”.

Wishing all of you all the best on this Monday Fun-day! Or Monday Dooms-day, depending on your mood.