seven quick takes: My deodorant failed me and more…

Linking up with Kelly for some seven quick takes (because then I can write a bunch of nonsense and make it look tidy by putting numbers in front of it).

1. So. Recently I decided I needed to try myself some Kombucha. I am friends with a lot of crunchy people and they were all talking about this mysterious elixir. It was starting to get a little awkward nodding my head emphatically during conversations, while pretending to know what they were talking about. (Don’t you hate it when you are doing this, and you nod your head at the wrong part? “Ah yes, Kombucha is made from fermented crickets….oh wait, that was a joke, ahem, I mean of course if was a joke….it only smells like dead crickets….”

At any rate, when I passed a bottle of this drinkable liquid substance in Target, I decided it was now or never. (Though I’m sure in most crunchy circles this would not be considered “true” Kombucha. If I am correct, real Kombucha has what appears to be a giant loogie at the bottom. Target had that option as well, but I decided against it since I spend 50% of my day telling toddlers not to eat their boogers).

It definitely tastes like a health food.

I didn’t think it was terrible…but it certainly wasn’t delicious. Maybe I just picked an inferior flavor? Anyway, I supposedly got a serving of enzymes, probiotics, and b vitamins, so hopefully that made up for all the fruit snacks I’ve been eating. If there are better tasting options, let me know.

2. Now that summer is here my great arch-nemesis has returned. He goes by the name “Humidity”. So, as I go for my morning run (half asleep) and the warm breeze blows through my locks, I transform into a curly haired version of 1990’s Billy Ray Cyrus.

I wave to people, but they avoid eye contact with me.

3. I got Mary Claire a swim suit and it is cute-ing me to death.

She can’t actually swim, so a total waste of money, BUT! Now I can look back at this picture and think “Aww! How cute.”

4. My deodorant failed me. I use this kind, and I’m pretty sure “Tom” didn’t know about hot humid Kansas in the summer. I’m all for the natural, but not if it isolates me from society.

5. Occasionally the camera on my iphone is left in selfie mode, so when I open the camera app I am unexpectedly greeted by my own furrowed face; Whoa, when did I take a picture of angry woman?! Always a scary moment, until facial recognition kicks in.

Its really a wake up call to look a little more light hearted when thinking…and take less selfies.

6. In bigger Arnold news, we bought a (new to us) house! It has windows and doors and walls and more bedrooms! (We are still negotiating to see if we can afford floors and ceilings.) We are very excited and so grateful. We shall be moving in August some time. I can’t wait to get in there and start stripping wall paper (not because I like stripping wall paper, but because I look forward to the absence of wall paper). I’m excited to start posting more amateur before and after pictures… and I’m sure you are excited to have some reason to roll your eyes.

7. Lastly, Mark and I are *so* glad we started that project on the office shed that he will never use (eye roll). Money and time well spent. Oh the times I wish I had a crystal ball…

Good bye, shed. Good bye money we spent on shed.

Oh shed office, you held such promise…

Hopefully the new homeowners can make something useful out of it.

I’m thinking they could pad the walls and rent it out as a psychiatric apartment.

It was going to be cool. Trust me. So cool.

On that note, I bid you adieu.






5 thoughts on “seven quick takes: My deodorant failed me and more…

  1. Happy 7 Quick Takes!
    If this is helpful, here is a recipe for the deodorant I use:
    That recipe calls for lime oil; I use lavender oil. It *can* last 24 hours, but I will sometimes re-apply before bed. I definitely apply before running and it does last through the run.
    So, it’s not as lasting as the standard stuff, but neither does it cause the skin irritation that every deodorant on the market causes.
    Good luck!

  2. What a wonderful blog post to wind down from our vacation! I loved the part about the loogie, makes it sound so appealing.
    Yay for your house!!!! I’ll come help you strip! Wallpaper that is. Ahem…
    I hear the next homeowners of your house are pretty eccentric so I’m sure they’ll come up with a good use of that office shed. 😉

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