My Sunday Best

Top ‘O the Sunday to you! Just thought I would do a quick Sunday blog check-in. Joining Rosie with My Sunday Best.

I got a new skirt! Its white… so we all saw that one coming.


I always think my head looks rather large, elongated, and deformed in cell phone mirror photos. This perspective may be influenced by the fact that I have a large, elongated, and deformed head? Who knows. That will just have to remain one of life’s great mysteries. (In case you are wondering, my ankles are not made of lumpy play dough. Those are finger prints on the mirror.)

Last week I took pictures of “my Sunday best”, but never blogged them (Yay! The internet was spared for a week!). But I’m going to post them now. Ha! You didn’t escape after all; gotcha!

The outfit I wore last Sunday was bold and daring. And I am happy to report that after almost 2 years since having Mary Claire I have  sort of/almost/kind of /maybe  gotten rid of my baby gut.


If I just suck it in, say a prayer, and act casual. (Pardon the finger prints on the mirror…that were apparently there last week…)

I’m sure I’d be a lot better off if I watched what I ate on a regular basis, but its going to take a lot more than vanity to stop me from putting heavy whipping cream in my coffee every day…sometimes more than once a day….ok, ok, almost *always* more than once a day.


Mmmmmm. Creamy. And fatty. All fat to be exact. The carton says “45 calories. 45 from fat”. Its very worth it.

I have a lot of things that I would like to blog about, like the standard “birthday’s, vacations, etc.” BUT! Most importantly, I also have a blogging commitment to fulfill.

My brother-in-law, Joel, wants to start a “Catholic Cinema Society” and have people link up and do movie reviews. He kindly and generously invited me to participate and I kindly accepted…. and then left on vacation. Twice. Never to be heard from again.

Until now!

I hope Joel forgives me for my negligence. (Although he may need to save up some of his forgiveness. That way he will have plenty of forgiveness left in his heart, when he reads my terrible movie reviews). If you have any interest in participating in this super society, you can read about it here or here or here.

And now, in addition to all my posts about outfits that are black or white, or my outfits that are white and black, you can look forward to my movie reviews! Which will probably turn out to just be a description about the experience of watching movies on a heavily fingerprinted television (why do they have to touch everything?!?!?!?), rather than an actual movie review.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a delightful dreaded Monday morning.






9 thoughts on “My Sunday Best

  1. That white skirt is adorable. Where did you get it? Also, I’ve been on the lookout for a striped maxi skirt for awhile, and while I always see them on people, I never see them in the store. I’d like to wear skirts more often.

    My kids’ fingerprints are on everything too, especially the storm doors. I’m like, do I bother Windexing when I know they’re just going to touch them again as soon as they get home? (Sigh.) I’m going to miss that one day, so they say..

    • The white skirt is a recent Old Navy find! They also have them in black….so I bought a black one too. That way I have something to wear my white shirts with; Ha! The maxi skirt was from Target last year. I don’t see as many maxi skirts for sale anymore, the stores are probably trying to sabotage my repetitive and predictable wardrobe 😉

      Also, I’m sure I’ll be missing those finger prints too someday…..eventually 😉

  2. We sat down to watch a movie as a family the other night, and my husband said, “Hey, maybe we’d be able to see the movie if you guys hadn’t smeared who-knows-what all over the screen.”
    I’m not sure they even minded.

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