Unremarkable things.

(Linking up with Rosie, for My Sunday Best! Side note: It looks like Rosie is on a fun beachy vacation right now!)

As far as Sunday dress goes; don’t worry ye citizens who love a good predictable uniform, I wore the same thing again today!


Here’s an areal photo of my coffee and the giant marshmallow I gave Eli to keep him quiet during nap time. He responds very well to marshmallows. (My skirt is not the marshmallow, Eli is holding the marshmallow in his hand.)

On Saturday, Gianna (the oldest) asked if she could bake and decorate cookies. I love her, so I said yes. BUT, if you have read this blog before, you may already know that cooking alongside children is not my favorite. I don’t know if I’m just terrible with children or missing a piece of my heart, but in the end, I’m always left wanting to hogtie them and put them to bed for the night.

So yesterday I thought, “Mary, just buck up, lay down some rules, and make the *!%$# cookies.”. After some consideration I decided my rules were going to be “no talking, no touching ANYTHING, and no crying”; now don’t tell me that doesn’t sound like the first line in a book called “A Good Time”.


Eli was trying to pose like Ann. He is not the most detail oriented copycat.

In the end, the cookies were made and the kids had fun, but as you may have guessed, they broke all the rules and had to be hogtied and put to bed. The cookies were delicious though! We used this recipe. And the kids had such a good time watching me lose my mind that they requested baking cookies again today!


No kids. My kitchen patience was obliterated yesterday.

In other non-related kitchen news, I recently bought the most worthless pack of bacon. It would have been perfect if I was buying bacon solely for the purpose of making soap from lard, but sadly, we actually wanted to eat it.

Warning: if you are offended by pictures of naked, fatty, uncooked bacon, then scroll past quickly.


It think it was about 97% fat. We could have greased all the door hinges, clogged our arteries, AND made soap!

When I picked the bacon out at the store, I swear it looked fine…… though the tiny window on the package that only showed the meaty edges. That was so misleading. I demand a larger bacon viewing window!!!

Anyway, on to greener pastures. I think I have complained enough for one blog post, so I will try and leave off on a positive note.

Sometimes after the kids are all tucked into bed at night and the house is quiet, I am *deeply amused* by what I find laying around. I find these half finished “projects” that are like a little window into their minds. The window often leaves me more confused than anything else, but it’s amusing none the less. For example, the night I found some impromptu potato art. The kids were supposed to be packing their snack for school the next day, but apparently someone was struck with the undeniable compulsion to bring the potatoes to life.


Potato art; When you are packing a bag a pretzels but just can’t seem to shake that feeling that those straws and potatoes were made for something more. (I think I spy a very graceful looking potato giraffe in the back there.)

Well, I’ll leave off on that potato note and hope it inspires someone…. it probably won’t, but you never know.



12 thoughts on “Unremarkable things.

  1. Please don’t tell me that’s Aldis bacon…I’ll be so disappointed and have to concede to Paul that name brand is best in this case.😫 Also, I love that you “pad” the noise during naptime not with sound proof walls, but with sound proof cheeks. Hence the marshmallows…brilliant!!

    • It’s Aldi’s bacon all right. I’ve had this problem before at Aldi. I always forget which bacon is the “good” bacon. But I see Monica has figured it out in the comment down below.

      Also, sound proofing cheeks, you read my mind.

  2. That bacon…I’m Australian, so I am left clutching my throat and gasping “Is ALL American bacon like that?” I presume it isn’t though, seeing as you did post a photo of naked, fatty, uncooked bacon on a family-orientated blog. (Just quietly, I’d be voting for ‘alarming naked fatty uncooked meats’ as a regular blog thing. Sure, it might be a tad salacious, but it’s domestically-orientated and promotes healthy eating. Plus, soap making.) BTW, that marshmallow, by international standards, is MASSIVE. Giant marshmallows, bacon-that’s-not-bacon…how does America win so many Olympic medals? Or is it simply feeding your 2 years olds coffee?
    P.S. I hope this isn’t too stalkerish but do you have a facebook page for your blog? Will follow if you do.

    • Oh, that Olympic medal comment made me laugh out loud. You are probably right, it must be the coffee for toddlers that counteracts all of the fatty meat and sugar crashes in America.

      I don’t currently have a facebook page for the blog. BUT, I will let you know if that ever happens

  3. Well on the plus side, there’s plenty of bacon grease you can save for cooking? I just had name brand bacon for the first time in ages and yeah, the actual uniform size of slices and fat: meat ratio is so much better!

  4. We finally started buying the bacon at aldi that is just a little more than the cheapest stuff in the boxes with the tiny Windows. I think it comes in a yellow package?? It is much better IMHO.

    • Yes! I replied to Geri above, that I knew Aldi had a “good” bacon and a “bad” bacon from previous fatty experiences, but I couldn’t remember which was which. I just need to write it down somewhere…..

  5. That is barely bacon. It’s fat with some meat as an afterthought. I live in Texas, so I have been spoiled for “store brands” by HEB brand products. Almost every item I’ve tried is delicious and tastes remarkably like the name brand—or better! The only exceptions so far have been Coke Zero and Honey Nut Cheerios. I have to buy the real thing for those.

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