Liar, Liar

When my oldest child, Gianna, was a toddler, Mark and I used to sneak ice cream out of the freezer in broad daylight. We had no intention of giving any to Gianna (because ice cream is not healthy…..for toddlers). We got away with this habit for a long time. But then one day, Mark was feeling a little over confident (not unusual) and he opened the freezer to get his ice cream without properly scanning the premises for toddlers. Gianna popped out from around the corner and said “WHAT are you doing???”, Mark thought fast and grabbed a bag of frozen vegetables and said “Just having some frozen veggies! Want some?”.

And that is the story of how our children began eating frozen vegetables like they were candy…….very very weird candy.

Their all time favorite frozen vegetable is peas….


Mary Claire is going to have some amazing diapers after the amount of frozen peas she ate last night.

Frozen corn is a close second. It just depends on which duped child you ask…


“Of course you can have a 5th serving of frozen peas, MC! This is totally normal!”

So what is the moral of this story? Well, I feel like there are several morals here, but if I had to pick just one it would be “As long as Pinocchio isn’t around to stick his nose into things, lying can have a positive effect on the amount of soluble fiber in a persons diet”.


Baby Gianna and the Liars (I feel like that would make a good band name) circa 2005. Also pictured here is me and my long time love affair with the Diaper Dude diaper bag. We were inseparable.




8 thoughts on “Liar, Liar

  1. That. Is. Amazing. Please send Gianna post haste to teach Dom about the glories of frozen veggies. (And please tell MC her shoes are SUPER!!!)

  2. My kids love frozen veggies…. only when they’re they ones I’m trying to cook with. They think it’s a super privilege to get a piece of frozen broccoli out of the bowl before i steam it. Ha!

    My husband and I used to be secretive snackers after the kids’ bedtime. Then one day our son said, “Just exactly WHAT do you guys do after we go to bed? Because we can smell things like popcorn from our beds, and sometimes in the mornings, we come into the kitchen and there’s ice cream bowls and stuff out….” Oops. Not so secret 😉

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